Psychrometric type Calorimeter for Air-Conditioner
Psychrometric type Calorimeter for Air-Conditioner
Description: This is computerized automatic Psychrometric type calorimeter for air conditioner.
Test Purpose: It is tested under standard test condition, using enthalpy value of unitary air (kcal/kg) to time the air flow volume (kg/hr) to get the air conditioner’s capacity (kcal/hr).
Testing norm:
  1. CNS 3615 「Air Conditioners」
  2. JIS C9612  「Room Air Conditioners」
  3. JIS B 8616「Package type Air Conditioners」
  4. ISO 5151  Non-ducted air conditioners and heat pumps---Testing and rating for performance
  5. ANSI/ASHRAE 37 「Methods of testing for rating electrically driven unitary air-conditioning and heat pump equipment」
Reference test range:
  1. Suitable for room air conditioners and heaters: 1,500~7,100 kcal/hr
  2. Suitable for Split-type air conditioners and heaters: 1,500~7,100kcal/hr or 1,500~15,000kcal/hr
  3. Suitable for packaged air conditioners: 7,500~30,000 kcal/hr or 7,500~60,000 kcal/hr